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Working sustainably is the challenge of the modern world. We cannot want the well-being of the horse by depriving it of a greener future for our economic gain. Equi Tech therefore launches its sustainability project, inviting everyone to correctly collect and recycle paper, plastic and aluminum packaging.


#TreeHorseProject is the first sustainability project that Equi Tech has planned. In fact, we believe it is essential to work actively to ensure a greener and healthier future for all. It may seem unimportant, but already in recent years, the small steps forward that have been made in this direction by the most deserving companies have already made a difference. If we are truly animal lovers, we must also be lovers of the world that hosts us. We have therefore carried out various strategies to limit pollution throughout our production process and we would like to make you part of this project by illustrating them here:

  • the production of the various ointments is entirely Italian. In this way we have better quality and stricter control of all raw materials. Furthermore, we can enhance other companies in the Italian fabric by reducing the road that each product must travel to reach our factory.

  • the packages have been carefully chosen to respect the recyclability criteria. The packaging of the products is made of paper, while all the jars are made of aluminum. Both of these materials can be completely recycled. For some products, where it was not possible to rely on aluminum, we had to choose plastic, but this too is recyclable as it is already part of the normal separate collection projects. It may seem little, but in truth we are contributing a lot in limiting the number of waste produced.

  • in 2020 we became a Treedom® partner, contributing to the reforestation of the planet. Whenever possible, in fact, we adopt a new tree that will be planted in the world, thus helping both the climate and the local population with its fruits. Come and visit the Equi Tech forest through their portal.

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